What can I expect?

 I offer personalized and targeted massage, using a blend of techniques tailored to serve your unique needs.

I will often suggest self-care tools and strategies you can use at home that may contribute to your goals and further the benefits of your massage.


Although I specialize in addressing pain, you don't need to have active pain to schedule a massage. 

Many clients seek massage therapy proactively to address stress, tension, and general wellness.


My home office is located approximately 1 mile east of Allen High School.  

Contact me for address of home office and booking. 

(local home business regulations require that I do not list address in written advertising)

Appointment only, no walk-ins.

Parking is available in the small park parking lot on the east side of the house. 

Please do not park on the street directly in front of the house during

the hours 2-4pm on school days.

Accessibility note: there is a 3 inch step-down inside my entryway.



Rescheduling or canceling your appointment must be done 

at least 24 hours in advance or you may incur a fee. 

If you do not show up, and give no prior notification:

you'll be charged 100% of the cost of your scheduled service.

 If you do give prior notice, but it's less than 24 hours, you'll be charged 50%.

Cold, flu, fever or contagious condition?  Stay home!

So long as you provide prior notice, any fees are waived. 

Sudden critical emergency/hospitalization?  Contact me when you are able; fees will be waived. 


I follow this same policy in reverse should I ever need to reschedule your massage. 

You will receive compensation on your next visit based on how much notice I give.



If you are a new client, you can print and fill out your intake form ahead of time.       

Or plan a few extra minutes to fill it out when you come for you appointment.           


Payment Methods

I accept cash, check, debit/credit cards, paypal, venmo, zelle.  Payment is due at time of service.

My prices are all-inclusive: no extra charges for tools, techniques, or topicals. 

Tips not expected.  To show gratitude, consider an online review or refer a friend.



     What is draping? 

I utilize draping, which means your body will be covered by a sheet or blanket and I will only uncover the area that I am working on at the time.  Your private areas will remain private, as well as any other areas you ask me to avoid.

   Do I have to get completely undressed

For full body massage, you can undress to your level of comfort.  Removal of clothing is always optional and according to your comfort.  Some techniques such as Swedish gliding or kneading movements would be awkward and ineffective thru clothing, but I can use other types of massage if you are uncomfortable removing any particular clothing.  To address the glutes, I typically work from over the sheet using my fists, forearm and elbow.  If more specific work is indicated to the glutes and deep hip flexors, we can discuss those options accordingly.  For chair massage events, all clothing is welcome.

Do you massage kids? 

Yes, with their verbal consent and parent/guardian's written consent.  To ensure their comfort and feeling of safety and security, I also require all minors to have parent/guardian present.


If you need help with undressing or getting onto the massage table,

consider bringing a guest to help, or contact me to discuss.

 I use non-scented and hypoallergenic massage gel.

Only upon request or consent, I may use topical muscle relievers.

I don't use an oil diffuser or spray artificial fragrances.  

I'm CPR certified, but do not have an epi-pen available. 


Safe Space

Your personal health information will be protected for your privacy.  Draping will always be used to protect your privacy and comfort.  If there's anything I can do (or not do) to make your visit more safe and comfortable, please let me know. 


Various position and pillow options are available to ensure your comfort the entire session.

If you know you are in the 1st trimester, it is recommended that you wait until 2nd and 3rd trimester before getting a massage.


Friends/family are welcome during the session to provide translation, emotional/physical support, or simply because they're curious about massage.